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Brazilian Style Gourmet Churros

Growing up with smell of fresh churros in Brazil. South America; Giovani wanted to bring the same feeling of joy to people in Australia. Making the traditional Brazilian-style gourmet Churros utilising a family recipe, truly can't get any better. 

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La Dolce Vita

We really do love the sweeter things in life and that is why you can also find fairy floss from our food truck. Just like a dream come true. 

*only available in special events*


YES, Brazilian and American hotdogs!!!

The most popular before and after party snack. Brazilian style hotdog also called Dogao in Brazil is a must-try from our truck. The Dogao is pressed and toasted with filling like, corn, peas, olives, cheese, ketchup, mayo, mustard, french fries chips, sausage and to finish off in style you can add mash potato for an authentic Sao Paulo hotdog. American Hotdog also available with sausage, ketchup and mustard.   


For our weekly calendar please find us on social media. @DONCHURROS2

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For our weekly calendar please find us on social media. @DONCHURROS2

Every week we update our calendar and share over our social media (Facebook and Instagram). you can our weekly calendar on @donchurros2 on a...

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